Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Drow VS Mindflayer

Done for the Art Order cover challenge.
14 X 18 oils on Tracy-nite, if you are interested in purchasing this image please feel free to contact me. Would love to see it get a nice home.

Friday, July 17, 2009

R.I.P Ellie Frazetta

25 years ago I was a young college student who was slightly bored, and sort of depressed with certain situations, so on a whim I called information and got a phone number. After dialing I got to speak with Ellie Frazetta, of course I asked for Frank but that didn't happen. It was much to my fortune tho, that I did speak with her. It changed some of my views and kept me persuing my dream of drawing and painting.
In speaking with her I felt connected and over the past 25 years I have called and spoken with her, been to the museum, even got to meet Frank a couple of times and spend some time in his studio with him. As much of a thrill as the experiences with Frank were, I think the quiet times that I did get to spend talking with Ellie are my favourite memories.
I remember one trip to the musuem where while my wife Dana wandered about looking at the paintings, I sat on the patio overlooking the lake with Ellie just talking, we covered a lot of topics in that conversation, love, life, happiness, even talked a bit of art and Frank, but just sat a talked like 2 friends. Now I cannot claim that she and I were friends, since we had only met a few times, breifly spoken on the phone on occaision quite infrequently, but that is what it felt like to me, and that is what I will always remember and cherrish about the memories of a dream come true, the unexpected connection I felt with her the first time I spoke with her as a young kid from Georgia who made a phone call hoping to speak with his idol, and got something more. Meeting Frank was a dream come true, feeling close and sharing personal and intimate moments of conversation with Ellie was beyond a dream come true.
All our thoughts and prayers are with the Frazettas at this time of sorrow and loss. I know where I will meet her again and look forward to the day that I do. God bless you Ellie and see you again.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thunderfoot Part II

Ok, just for fun here are some of the thoughts I went thru in creating the Thunderfoot dragon.

The first sketch is the basic idea and position I had for the image, a note to myself on his feet to help add to the concept. As I was sketching and coming up with all of this, I was making some mental notes as well, those didn't make it to the sketchbook, but were used in the image none the less.

After the initial concept, I continued to dwell on the subject and honestly to some degree obsessed over it, making notes and refining sketches and the concept..........

At one point I took the time to work out the bone structure for his wing and shoulder mechanics...........I am actually still playing with this structure, just because I am not satisfied with the anatomy and I feel I can do better..........
.....the image as I posted it .....................

...............and the whole thing put together with text and completed.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


A little dragon piece I was working on for a contest over on ArtOrder. I'll post more about it coming soon, or you can go over there to Jons site and read about the contest for yourself now if you would like. I will be posting some of the skeletal structure doodles and stuff I played with while I was coming up with this little fella.