Thursday, October 23, 2008

At The Earth's Core

There is a rumor going around that I am working on creating a limited edition portfolio of images from the ERB book, "AT THE EARH'S CORE".

I want to say that yes this is TRUE!!

I want to say this........because yes it is, I am the one who started the rumor as well ( smiley face goes here). The folio will consist of 1 colour image, and 6 black and white brush and ink images. It will be in a very limited quantity of only 300 pieces, with an additional run of 50 in a "collectors edition" which will include pages that consist of my sketches, doodles, roughs and notes for the project.

The price and packaging are as yet to be determined, since it is still in the very early stages, but I have started on the painting for this, and have all but one of the roughs for the inks worked out.

I would hope that it is all done and ready to put out in the spring of 2009. I will post more on this later as it progresses, but for is in the works.



King Kong Solidario........

Well the Auction is over for my piece..........I odn't know the actual figures, but I am quite happy to say that I in some small way got to help out a good cause. Maybe in 25 years I can do something for the 100th anniversery of the 'ol boy and help out someone esle as well.

I do want to thank all those who participated, art wise, production wise, bidder wiser, buyer wise and other wise. So thanks to all.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Ok here is the link to the Kong Auction for DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS I spoke of in a previous post. Here you can bid on ORIGINAL works by SANJULIAN, DAVE DORMAN, SERGIO ARAGONES......and even one of mine. Please take the time to look and check them out. Good cause great works.

and just because this is my blog, here is a direct link to the image I did as well:

Thanks for stopping by.