Monday, June 29, 2009

Llama Fashions

This past weekend I got to spend time with my brother and his family as my niece Caroline, participated in a 4H competition involving Llamas. It was a blast!!, and gave me the opportunity to view and sketch an animal that I never would have considered drawing.

The Llama is a camelid.....which is to say a member of the camel family, which includes camels (no brainer there), alpacas, and dromedaries. The llama is the South American version of the camel as it were. They were used as pack animals by the Incas, you can click on the link and read more about them if you want to.

The Llamas all had fabulous cuts or coiffures as a fashion statement as well as a way to dispence heat. These cuts also made for more fun in drawing since I could come up with my own names for the cuts and differentiate the animals by other means than just colour.

Friday, June 12, 2009


An illustration based on Mary Shelley's Frankenstien. This is the first of more to follow. I hope you enjoy this image and are like me looking forwards to the next one. Thanks for stopping by and if you are interested in purchasing this drawing please contact me for information on it. This is 14 X 17 pencil on bristol.
All the best to ya'll Tracy

Monday, June 01, 2009


Just a qucik thought on one of the best things about being an artist.

I often hear the words " I'm bored", "there's nothing to do", and many similar phrases, and I say to myself...."how can you be bored" but then again I realize not everyone draws or sketches to pass time away as I do.
The images posted here are from two of my little Moleskin Notebooks, the 2 in back are from a 5 X 81/4, for those days when size isn't an issue, and the one in front is my pocket pal a 31/2 X 51/2 for ease of carry and concealment.
I always have something on me or near me to draw with, so for the most part am never bored. It is really an amazing thing the gift of drawing, you will always have something to do. I personally feel that everyone HAS the ability to draw, what comes out might not be a DaVinci or a masterpiece, but it is something that has its own merrits no matter the ability level. I think the thing that keeps others from doing it as a way of passing time is the want to. I always want to draw.....especially during those times when I shouldn't or seemingly have nothing to do. It relaxes me and I enjoy it.
In a world where most people need the aid of electricity to make them happy or keep them from being bored, I feel most grateful to have the ability and the desire to draw or sketch. To make use of my time enjoying the simple things like drawing a lamp post while waiting on a train, drawing the scene of my car window and reflection of the mirror, or trying to capture my daughters face as she competes in a speach meet, and yes making up a frog prince just for the fun of it ( and for her).
So maybe next time you are feeling a little bored or seem to have nothing to do, find some paper and a pencil and sit down and doodle. It doesn't take much, is quite easy and passes the time. Just do it and see what happens.