Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Chrismas EVERYONE

Well here it is, my annual Christmas Gnome picture. I hope all y'all who see this have a Merry Christmas, and those that don't......have a Merry Christmas anyways. I hope to be back on New Years with a new image to welcome everyone back for another year.

Merry Christmas and God bless y'all.


Thursday, December 07, 2006


You guessed it, this is my Halloween painting just in time for Christmas.

Actually, coming very soon will be my annual Christmas greeting painting followed by my Baby New years painting.

In our home as you come in, we have a picture frame that has an ever changing image. I sort of do a new one for most all seasons as well as hollidays. So if I remember and think about it.......I will try to post them here as well.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

the Con game contiues

Sorry not to have been back since set up day, but we have been blogged down at the show and finally now have a moment to report a bit more.

Thursday was fun, all sorts of folks strolling by and looking and talking. We went to a meet a greet dinner thing after the doors closed and got to mee a lot of nice folks and know who some of the people there were. Got to talk with Jeff Easley for a bit......nice man ........great artist. I have a few more names to drop later but I don't have there web-sites handy with me right now so Sunday when it is all over I will do some posting and linking with them as well.

Friday, even more folks, and more strolling. Got to watch Donato work on a painting.......that was a treat. It was amazing.

We encountered a slight moisture porblem on Friday as well. There was a condensation problem with the AC vent above our table, so we had to move our booth at the end of the day. We are now located to where we will be seen right as you walk in the doors to convention hall B if you look to the right. We are next to the Authors alley as well. The booth number is either 89 or 90, I am not sure which exactly, since the set up is angled a bit but not on the lay;out chart that I have access too.

Anyways that is it for now.........we have a few hours to get ready for the doors open and still have to drive 45 miles or so to get there.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

"G" Day continued........the work has landed

Well the set up went well and all is ready for tomorrow and the opening day!!!!!!!!!!!!!I did get to meet Donato and offered to trade boothes with him, but I still have mine and he has out good for each of us tho.

Anywhoooooooooooooo more for all tomorrow!!!!!!


"G" Day has arrived.........Thursday Aug. 9 we go, 4 hours til we can get into the center and set is on, of course I had spilled half the water getting it in the pot. It is crazy to have to build the coffee before you have had the coffee to be awake enought to make it.

Anyways...............the day has started, and it will be full, register the kids for scholl before we go to Indy to set up, but that is where we stand right now. Alll things ( I hope ) are packed, and ready to go into the car and get there. Camera is charging and I am hoping I will remember to take pictures.

I forgot to mention that while we were on vacation, Dana had embroidered gallery shirts for us. They look great, and with the cool sign my brother did, people will point for better reasons then normal!!!!!!!!(insert laughter here).

More to come after the show tonight...................

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Count Down to GenCon

Well, the Gencon Convention begins...........or at least starts for me and a few others tomorrow, I guess it started months ago for those in production and all............and to them THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! I started a bit of it back ion March when I decided to go.

So far, Works are ready, bagged, framed, priced, inventoried, and now ready to go. Oh yeah, they are back from Georgia where they had an extended vacation and are well rested after the show we had last November.

Me, and the family are back as well............we took a slight trip down (Georgia) to see my folks, wish my Dad a very happy 79th birthday, pick up the works and then get back here in time for the show.

I am quite anxious to go and see this thing. I haven't been to a show in 20 years, and haven't ever done this could be fun or the experience from hell. Either way it is going to be a learning experience. Whatever is to come...........I will have one totally cool sign that my brother made for our table!

I will continue on more tomorrow after the set up and first day of the thing. I might even have pictures of it all too.