Monday, September 27, 2010


After making yesterdays post on the FRAZETTA TRIBUTE SHOW I thought I would post a few roughs for the pieces I am doing as my entries.

This is the original concept for the Conan piece, the sketch in the upper left is the beginning, then I started playing with the fellow impaled on the tree, and fleshing himout.....sort of became fun so he is a lot more detailed in this than just a normal doodle

Now we have a rougher but more fully lain out rough of the painting with a few production notes of what I want going on in the piece, complete with coffee stains, (I think Frank was around while I was doing this and bumped my hand............I was pleased, sort of made it seem more of a tribute)

............just sort of a colour schemey thing .......... we have a bit of progress on the actual painting..........

This little yellow doodle came out of nowhere one night. My wife and I were at the local community theater's ( the Rush County Players.....aka RCP) awards program.......The Hammies, and while I was talking with a friend of ours, I sort of rudely began doodling while listening to her, and this ol' boy popped out..............he is drawn on a folded up paper place mat ....... in the morning when I got up and looked at the doodle again, I thought to myself....."I really should do this one" so I re-sketched it and did this little colour rough.

..........and here we have him in progress....................

 Originally the emblem on the shield was the bird from the first Death Dealer, but as I was painting on it I thought that the Frazetta "F" would be more than appropriate. I hope the family will understand and not be offended.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


This is just a quick little heads up, The Gallery Provocateur in Chicago is having a Frazetta tribute show and I will be entering a few pieces. More Details will follow as well as some pictures of the images that I will be entering.

This is a juried show with an amazing pannel of judges:

Jon Schindehette, Creative Art Director of Wizards of the Coast

Master Artist Simon Bisley

Paul Hellard, Editor CG Society & Assistant Editor Ballistic Publishing

Master Artist Gerald Brom

Arnie & Cathy Fenner, Publishers, Spectrum Fantastic Art Books

Veronika Kotlajic, Curator of Gallery Provocateur & Art Muse

I  will be entering:

 2 oil paintings............a Conan  piece that I have been working on for a bit as well as a Death Dealer that sort of just came about and had to come out.

A pencil piece..........Man or Beast, which I happen to have some 11 X 17 prints of available for $20.00. Just drop me a line @

I am also intending to do an ink piece as well as a watercolour.

So please stay tuned for further updates, and best of luck to all who enter!!! I hope to see many of ya'll there..........I personally intend to be there whether or not my pieces make the cut.

All the best.