Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Every year for the past several years I have been doing a little gnome painting, generally in watercolours, the tradition started out as a seasonal image to put in a frame that hung in our entry room. For the Gnew Year I would do a Gnome, Valentines day would get a little cupid or cheruby thing, St Pats would get a leprechaun and so on.

I still do the Leprechauns, but they are for a charity auction for the local St patty' Party, that started about 10 years ago, but will blog on that come closer to March 17th.......

Back to the Gnew Years Gnome...... usually the image is sparked by something that has gone on in the past year and I will some how incorporate it into the them of the image. This year was honestly no different. 

A friend of mine, Heidi, had made a comment about her pre-lit tree only being half lit, and with that it sparked the memory of my dad ( he passed 3 years ago in December,very close to the date she posted )   and Christmas. When we would be putting the lights on the tree, it was his job, and mine as helper, to string them, we would stretch themout along the living room floor and he would go thru bulb by bulb and check the connections making sure there were no shorts or bad wires. Some younger folks might not realize that the wiring on older lights was not as efficient as it is now.....

Anyway, Heidi, thank you for the friendship over the past few years and the memory.



Monday, December 16, 2013

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


In the days before the cell phone there was the polaroid, and this is where the inspiration for this image came from.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

A SAWMILLS HOPE, kickstarter book project

This is the project I have been mentioning lately, and a good one it is. When the author David List, contacted me about doing the illustrations for this, and asked if I would be interested reading the book to see what we could do, I was totally floored and amazed that I started sketching off the first page, that usually doesn't happen. It is normally several pages into the story before I honestly get an image, last time it happened, I believe I was reading Michael Moorcocks first Elric novel.

Well we talked and came to an agreement, so with the help of everyone out there.......we can get this book, this WORLD that David has created  off the ground. There are lots of goodies with this kickstarter  project, so please stop by, give a look and join in.

these are just a few of the roughs and pencils for this book, it will be fully illustrated with 23 inked images, and I will post a few of those shortly.