Tuesday, April 28, 2009


A little more on the subject of the Setch-A-holic.

I am a card carrying confirmed sketch-a-holic, and am proud to say incurable. It is something that I cannot stop doing. If I don't have a pen or pencil with me, I am honestly composing and sketching images in my head.....these are just harder to keep track of and catalog as I get older, when I was younger they were easier to recall and put down, now I have some masterpieces that only I have seen and you will just have to believe me on that account.
When we go places there are certain things that have to go with me. Right now I have what I think is the ultimate in sketch equipment, it is a canvasmessanger bag , and is just chock full of pockets pouches and compartments for all the things needed to keep the compulsion to sketch and draw fed.

I do know and realize that I have said in a previous post "you really don't need a lot to do this with if you really want to." All of this stuff is not really a necessity, but it does make things easier for me if no one else, and may God bless my wife Dana for putting up with it and me. I will draw on anything, and have.........borrowed pens and stuff from people to get it done.

A) the aforementioned Creativo Messenger Bag

B) Tracy-nite panels for sketching out paintings........8 X 10 and 9 X 12

C) Moleskin Notebook

D) coloured pencils

E) a little watercolour set...this one is a cheapo Prang thing, nothing fancy just gets the colours down

F) a little metal clip to hold paper down if it is a windy day

G) Strathmore Bristol pads....8 X 10, 11X 14, and 14X 17......you just never know

H) an aluminum ruler........it was longer but a hacksaw solved the problem of not fitting into the pocket chosen for it

I) a smaller Moleskin Notebook....pocket sized, more later on that one, but I have been there before in another post

J) loose leaf paper

K) sketchbook

......there is also a refillable brush pen on one of the pads that I just forgot to give a letter.

Here is a look at some of the pockets..........I mainly keep 2B's and HB's with me. The HB's are good for sharp lines and give you some good darks, and the 2's are good for softer things.........but you all know that.

This bag stays with me 90% of the time and I will not go anywhere without it. It will travel with me even if it never comes out of the car. I sort of have other things that come with me in those situations that call for me to be more discreet or just won't allow the bag to come with me. For thosetimes I have my commando supplies.........

......THE COMMANDO KIT..............

Yes that blue thing is a travel toothbrush holder, the pencils, eraser and sharpener fit perfectly into the thing. I would almost swear that it was intended for the use of holding sketching stuff and that the whole toothbrush thing was an after thought.

The Moleskin Notebook is 3 X 5 and fits into most any pocket, the pencils are usually the same, one HB, and one 2B, the red pen looking thing is an eraser, and a bullet pencil sharpener...........those things are the best.

If anyone out there has any suggestions or just wants to share what they use or carry, let us know, we all might learn a new trick to the trade.


Sunday, April 26, 2009


For a lot of us.............sketching and doodling is a compulsion, a need.........WE HAVE TO DO IT!! and I like a lot of folks will draw on just about anything I can get a hold to. So needless to say I have a LOT of loose papers lying about with this idea or that on it, which actually is what I am here to talk about today.

I know I am not the first to think of this solution to what to do with all those bits and pieces of paper, but I honestly have not seen anyone post anything on it either, but my solution to the piles of paper lying about is 3 ring binders (notebooks we used to call them back in school) and clear sheet protectors. They are easy to use, are expandable, and don't take up much space. You can lable them if you want to get real specific about what is in which book, I have one labled "ERB" which I keep all my Tarzan, and Burroughs stuff in, I have one for Conans and Robert E Howard, one just labled "roughs" and one just for doodles and such. Another cool aspect to these things is that you can take them to cons, set them out on your table and sell the sketches and what nots without tearing up your sketchbooks and things as well.

Quick easy and keeps the mess to a minimum.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Here are a few pieces I have done recently on a smaller scale for fun/practice and are now available for purchase.

oils on masonite
11 X 14


.....a few of the places in my world as well:

oils on masonite
8 x 10
oils on masonite
8 x 10

If you are intersted in any of these or something else on my site http://tflynnargallery.com/ please do not hesitate to contact me at Tracy@tflynnartgallery.com . If you are intersted in commissioning me for a piece again please feel free to contact me.