Monday, August 20, 2007

re- CON

Well Gencon is over for us this year and again I have to say.......Great time, great people and great fans! The whole thing is an experience everyone should get at least once in their lives.We got to reconnect with the friends we made last year, as well as make some new ones this year, and you cannot beat that!The few times I got to speak with the guest artist....Larry Elmore, ws a treat, and I found him to be approachable and a nice guy. I wish I would have had more time to get to know him a little, but that will come in time maybe.

This was the first year the kids got to come.....I believe it is safe to say ....they are hooked!

A few folks to check out if anyone actually reads this, are: Rhonda Libbey, Eugene Jaworski, Stanely Morrison, and Devon Shiller, as soon as I get the link to Devons site I will post it. Some great folks and amazing artists.

Barbara, Diesel, and all the other Gencon folks....thanks a bunch, and see ya'll next year!

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