Sunday, October 11, 2009


 Ok, well its been awhile since I had spoken about this long in fact that I had almost forgotten I had planned to do it. The project was my AT THE EARTH'S CORE portfolio, and yes it still is in the works. I had had a few things come up that I had to put aside the personal projects for, but now I am winding down on those and getting back to the CORE  of things, and wanted to show a CORE sample to let anyone who might have been interested in this that I have gotten back to work on it.

I know that originally this project was intended to be in ink, well that sort of changed last night when I sat down in the living room and started to draw..............this came out, and I LIKED it. So while sitting there watching Jules Vernes the Mysterious Island and hanging out with my family I decided that the pencil 'folio would be just as cool as doing an ink and so............the AT THE EARTH'S CORE portfolio will still consist of 6 black and white images and one colour, but the B&W stuff will now be pencil.
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