Thursday, December 08, 2011


This rather cluttered picture is of my drawing table,and  although I wish I could claim to be this productive on a daily basis, these scattered images are the culmination of personal projects I have started and had to stop and or start again due in large part to other more pressing matters.

I tend to stop working on commissions during the last part of November and all thru December, the holidays are so close together and family time is in all honesty more important, but during this time I also try to clean up a few things that lay about for the year ( or 2 in the case of the Batman, Green Lantern and hidden Superman inks ).

Along with the 3 new Hippie Chicks I posted this morning..... yeah I know, I will go for a bit with out posting anything then here today are 2 .............. I have completed 3 other inks, and a cartoon for the Naughty Bits collection. I will post the 3rd of the 3 inks tomorrow since my computer is refusing to recognize my scanner today after scanning 6 images earlier, and the ink is a bit large and I do have to paste it is the cavemen drawing in the top right hand side.




Well that is all for now, if the computer and scanner make amends, I will get the other one scanned and posted as well as any other things I manage to finish during this time............there are maybe 4 oils I would like to get back to as well.....................
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