Monday, April 23, 2012


I am working on a painting of Sampson knocking over the pillars, and in doing so, I had to paint some columns, and for me wanted to do marble. I painted these boys 2 times, and on the third had a wonderful idea.........I had seen something Todd Lockwood had posted about how he did some dragon wings, and thought to myself...THAT IS GREAT ..... I'll use it some day.

Well the day came and as I was painting these columns, I really wanted an organic random pattern in the marbling so I used what I had seen Todd do. Once I had my column painted and while the paint was still wet, I then laid the painting on a flat surface. Next I took one of my fan brushes and dipped it into my turps cup. I then went over to the painting, and too the brush and ran my thumb across the bristles and sprayed the areas of the painting with the turps. After doing that what I felt was enough times to get the effect I wanted, I then walked away and let it dry...............having faith that the combination of paint and turps would work for me in a beneficial way.

The theory behind this is that the turps will eat away at the wet paint leaving you random patterns to mimic the marble.

In my opinion it worked........... I guess the essence of this post is to let the materials work for you. I got a wonderful pattern that I was looking for and all I really had to do was splatter some solvent onto my paint.............and make it work for me. I do realize that this can backfire on you, but it is paint, so you can just paint over it if you don't get the results that you want.
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