Thursday, November 07, 2013


Here is a little bin of fun in a video format of me starting on the pencils for one of the illustrations to the new book project, as you will see it is in real time so what you see is what actually came out and how long it took to get that far.

On a sad note, if I post any more videos, there will be no sound. This really sort of sux since I like loud music when I work, but I keep getting flagged for the music when I upload it to youtube, and as an artist I don't want to be in a copyright violation, even tho I do post and acknowledge who I am listening to. In this clip you will hear a bit of Dan Baird, from his album Buffalo Nickel  and now rockin the hell out of us with great tunes in HOMEMADE SIN!!

After about 40 seconds the sound goes off .......... ya'll missed out on a great song

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