Saturday, April 01, 2017


There are multiple options for palettes out there, just google it and you will see, for a while I tried the traditional kidney shaped wooden one, but found it a hassle, and went back to my ol' tried and true glass palette. They are what I honestly learned on and am sticking with it.

Now with that said, I am throwing out a little quick tip that might just come in handy for ya'll at some point. I use more than one palette.........I do have my main palette on my taboret, which is what I will use for 99% of my painting.

I has a large mixing surface that is relatively easy to clean and work on. It is stable and I don't  have to worry about it too much unless I drop a coffee cup on it and crack it and have to get a new one....barring that hazard it is a great surface.

Now along with this one I have a little wooden frame that holds a sheet of glass as well that I use for a palette as well, it is portable and I do take it with me to Cons at times and use it to work while I am there.

I do also use it in the studio as an extra if I have multiple pieces I am working....which I generally do. I also find it extremely useful for mixing up big blobs of colour for like sky areas and such so that I can paint my sky and then move onto the main palette for other areas of the image.

I also have 2 other sheets that will fit into this little frame that I can use as well, so I don't have to scrape off the paint I am using on the one sheet and can continue to work.

I could use a paper palette, but I don't see the need for the waste, and I do have the space at this time to have all my palettes. 

Is it excessive......I don't thinks so, I find it works well for me and might be of advantage to someone else.
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