Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Count Down to GenCon

Well, the Gencon Convention begins...........or at least starts for me and a few others tomorrow, I guess it started months ago for those in production and all............and to them THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! I started a bit of it back ion March when I decided to go.

So far, Works are ready, bagged, framed, priced, inventoried, and now ready to go. Oh yeah, they are back from Georgia where they had an extended vacation and are well rested after the show we had last November.

Me, and the family are back as well............we took a slight trip down (Georgia) to see my folks, wish my Dad a very happy 79th birthday, pick up the works and then get back here in time for the show.

I am quite anxious to go and see this thing. I haven't been to a show in 20 years, and haven't ever done one................so this could be fun or the experience from hell. Either way it is going to be a learning experience. Whatever is to come...........I will have one totally cool sign that my brother made for our table!

I will continue on more tomorrow after the set up and first day of the thing. I might even have pictures of it all too.

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