Wednesday, August 09, 2006

"G" Day has arrived.........Thursday Aug. 9 we go, 4 hours til we can get into the center and set is on, of course I had spilled half the water getting it in the pot. It is crazy to have to build the coffee before you have had the coffee to be awake enought to make it.

Anyways...............the day has started, and it will be full, register the kids for scholl before we go to Indy to set up, but that is where we stand right now. Alll things ( I hope ) are packed, and ready to go into the car and get there. Camera is charging and I am hoping I will remember to take pictures.

I forgot to mention that while we were on vacation, Dana had embroidered gallery shirts for us. They look great, and with the cool sign my brother did, people will point for better reasons then normal!!!!!!!!(insert laughter here).

More to come after the show tonight...................
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