Tuesday, April 15, 2008


It seems that every year I get to do something special and fun for some friends of mine at the Connersville High School Theatre Department, this year was no different. I have to say it is an honour and privilege to be associated with this fine group of young folks and their teacher.
I would like to invite anyone who reads this and is in the area to come on by and check out what a great group of young thespians these kids are, what a great coach and director they have and sit down for an evening of great fun and enjoyable theatre. I know you won't be dissapointed.
The dates are on the poster but here they are again:

April 25th & 26th
CHS Spring Theatrical Performance of "Barnum" in the R.E.W Center* @7:30PM
April 27th
CHS Spring Theatrical Performance of "Barnum" in the R.E.W Center* @2:30PM
*R.E.W Center....Robert E. Wise Center for Perfoming Arts
Robert E. Wise was one of the greatest directors we have ever had. He attended the Connersville High School. Some of his credits include: The Day the Earth Stood Still..the greatest sci/fi movie ever made Westside Story The Andromeda Strain The Sound of Music Run Silent Run Deep The Hindenburg Star Trek.....the motion picture ......these are just a few
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