Sunday, April 27, 2008


Friday night my wife and I went to the opening.......wonderful show. A few opening night gliches in the tech department, but that was no real bother. The kids new their stuff and were amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! I was totally impressed with the staging, the preformances and the whole she-bang!! Miss Hathaway the director knows her staging and allher stuff!! My duaughter B:) was always in character and was amazing as always ( and that is not just a proud adopted dad speaking ) the kid ( Josh ) who played Barnum was made for the role........his final role in the school as it was his senior year and he nailed the preformances that I saw...Friday night and Sunday after noon.

On a sort of cool note for me............ not sure if it was added after seeing the poster or what, but the show ended with the Barnum character standing in the pose that I drew for the poster, as well as some of the staging mimicking the poster. ...........i.e. the two love interests being above someof the stage in the same corners as the poster......... All in all I was completely proud and honoured to be a small part of the production and even more so of those who worked so hard to pull it off! The cast and crew rocked!!!!!!!!!

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