Thursday, June 26, 2008

Its not what you got but HOW you use it.

Just recently I was talking with a friend, and he stated how he used to love to draw, but just didn't have the time,the space, or the right stuff to do it anymore. Now I just recently talked about the whole time thing in WAIT A MINUTE, so now I think I will talk about STUFF. I work on an extremely tight budget, but I do work and do get some things done.....not as fast or as much as I would like, but I do draw, and paint. I am using the drawing table that my parents bought for me 30 years problem with that, its a good table. I have an I built out of 2 X 4's and some masonite and screws and works for me., and yes I do have a studio space in our home, but even when I didn't..........I still drew, and did some watercolours.......not really painted, as I have stated, I took a few years (20) off to pay bills and all that sort of stuff........ I still work 2 jobs and still take care of the house, cook ,clean and all that...........but still make the time to draw and paint.

Ok...enough on time...............the statement "the right stuff" got to me. I actually got up, walked over to their computer, pulled a sheet of paper out of the printer, picked an ol' yellow pencil up from the desk and said " there now you have the right stuff".

My point really don't need a lot to do this with if you really want to. Space not really an a house, apt ....whatever...........I sort of use my whole house as a studio, I do only paint in the "studio" tho, but if I didn't have that, I honestly think I would be set up in the kitchen or laundry room..........somewhere I will find the room, because I really want to tdo coin a phrase " its in me and has to come out"(thanks to John Lee Hooker).

Here are a few examples of what I am talking about:

these are my drawing pads, drawing board, sketch book and such, I carry a toothbrush holder around to hold some pencils, a sharpener and an eraser, the "palm pilot" is a small moleskin notebook that I sketch in when I am supposed to be payint attention at a function........concert, school thing, or church.

This is as it nite stand, the pencils and erasure and sharpener are right there for when I have that idea in the middle of the night.....,or for when we are just sitting watchin the tube and I want to sketch.
this is my home made easel, for when I decided to get back into was originally a tripod thing, but went to this format to hold extra boards and such.

Basically all I am saying is that if you want to do it.......just do it, you don't need all sorts of fancy stuff to make the art, just the drive and the ability. A yellow school pencil is basically a 2B........ I have all this stuff lying about because it is what I want to do. I do make the time for it, but I would do that even if all I had was a yellow pencil and some computer paper. I wanted to paint, so I built an easel to do it. You don't have to do that, but you can sit at the kitchen table and draw and paint just as easily.
When I handed my friend his own pencil and his own paper, he started to say something about "its not" .......I just asked him....
" do you want to draw or not?"

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