Thursday, August 14, 2008

King Kong Charity show and auction

Back in July I recieved an E-mail from Luis M. Rosales, editor in chief for Scifiworld, the onlymagazine dedicated to fantastic cinema in Spain. In his letter he asked me if I would like to take part in a solidarity action that they were organizing. In October, later this year, we are going to carry out anexhibition on the 75th anniversary of King Kong. The name of the event is King Kong Solidary. For this occasion we are inviting several celebritiesrelated to the world of cinema, illustration and cartoons. It consists ofsending us an original art related to King Kong which will be displayedduring the Sitges Film Festival. Later it will be auctioned on eBay,donating all the obtained money to Doctors Without Borders.

The answer was of cousre YES! it is for a good cause, and it is KING KONG.
I will post more about this as the date gets closer. I hope some of ya'll out there will check it out, maybe even bid on some of the works in the auction.

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