Saturday, September 05, 2009


I posted this image over on my Facebook page, but as I did it, it made me stop and think a bit about the image, how it came to be, AND the fact that this is a memory picture.
I was driving home one day when I passed this old guy on a scooter and the image stuck in my head, his positioning, the body posture clothing, and so on. The cigars in his pocket, the beer in the milk crate on the back all of this came into mind when I sat down to do this drawing this morning ( 9-5-2009 ).
There is something to be learned here...................drawing from memory. Pulling things from your head and lifes experience is a valuable thing. We cannot always find an exact reference photo of something, cannot always take the photo ourselves, and on occaision we have to make stuff up, and having a visual memory of things is a valuable asset.
Next time your sitting around wondering what you should draw or looking for something to do............think about it and then draw something you remember. See what comes out.
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