Saturday, May 01, 2010

LIFE IS A TABORET....................

Over the past few days, maybe a week or so, my wife and I have begun to remodel, our studio/office space in the house. In doing such, I have had to do a bit of cleaning and cleaningout, and organizing.

The closet in the room was made into a storage cabinet for various things such as a few needed household tools, but also oganized to hold my art supplies, old paintings, boards for new paintings and paper and those sorts of various things.

In getting the closet organized, and cleaning things out, I was afforded the opportunity to do something I had been planning on and wanting to do for quite awhile. Build my "ultimate" taboret. Like many folks I am not quite an off the rack person, and have to customize things to suit my particular needs and wants. I built my own easel when I started painting again, of course there were numerous reasons for doing such, but one of the main ones was I want it to fit me and my needs. Now a few weeks back I purchased an easel I had been wanting for a long time, a simple H framed thing that I felt would do what I wanted and needed. Well once it was out of the box I had to customize it....................not much, but the bar in the back wouldn't hold the smaller size boards I use without them being all wobbly, so I took the backing off of my other easel, and added a paper towel holder to it.........pretty much it....suits my needs MY easel.
Doing this also allowed me some of my needed nostalgia of previous paintings and in a sense a sort of tradition...........silly I know but it works for me. "ultimate" taboret:

This Frankenstien of a thing is pieced  together from all sorts of things I have collected and made use of over the past 10 to 15 years. So " without further elloquence" ( movie the first to guess the movie win a free 9 X 12 pencil drawing) here is my ultimate taboret:
A) a cheap little table used as a taboret some 15 years or so ago. Mainly held brushes and watercolour stuff, the drawer keeps extra pencils and things.

B) an old surplus card file I got somewhere that I now hold new brushes in.
C) an NYC Police Dept.       coffee cup
D) a vertebrae shaped coffee mug my mom gave me one year for my birthday...........looked like marrow in the bone when you had coffee in it.
E) an old flower vase picked up somewhere.
F) old glass plates used as palettes during the college portion of life.
G) a strudy oak staple style table I got from a neice.......thanks so much, Mo.
H) an old painting I never got around to completing......yes it was gonna be a big one.
I) some 2 x4' s from an old video rack bought when Deb and Bob's went out of business.
J) the youngster of the group, a cheapo file cabinet maybe 3 to 4 years old.
K) the glass palette I use now, I got from OfficeKing while I worked there.

.....and a couple of other views just because:

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