Monday, May 03, 2010


A few posts back, was a post titled Cover Up, shows me at the easel working on a painting...............well folks, here is the finished painting and the book for which it was done for.

BARBARIANS More Than A Bloody Crown

    written by Timmothy Ray Jones

"Journey to an Age when civilization clashes sword to sword with barbarism under the watchful eyes of gods, and lurking in the shadows, users -- masters of sorcery ever seeking power at any cost. Follow four adventures wherein: A barbarian learns there are times when it takes more than victory on the battlefield to usurp a throne. A barbarian escaping slavery learns there are more kinds of slavery than he ever imagined. A barbarian discovers there is much more to going home than just the mission assigned him. A barbarian awakens from a mysterious slumber to find he is not the man he thought he was. "

It is available thru at this link....BARBARIANS More Than A Bloody Crown

This was a fun project for me and I amlooking forwards to reading the thing. Just the brief bits I was given to do the illustration was enough to hook me and make me WANT to read the stories, and do the painting.

So congratulations to Tim, and may we see many, many more from him in the future, and a thank you to him as well for letting me do the painting for him.

And here is a picture of the completed painting as well.

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