Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Here is a  artist list for the 2nd wave of artists contributing to the BEAUTIFUL GRIM ART AUCTION. I hope you will stop by and look at the amazing works by the folks and if you feel compelled bid.

Now is a good chance to get some works by the best in the buisness, just look at the list:
1. Aaron Coberly
2. Anastasia Belov
3. Andrew Jones
4. Ben Thompson
5. Chenoa Lindsey
6. Christine Griffin
7. Christophe Lautrette
8. Dan Cole
9. Daren Bader
10 .Dave Kendall
11. Dominique Fung
12. Eric Braddock
13. Eric Favela
14. Evan Hunt
15. Everette Downing
16. Frank Lin
17. Gayle Wheatley
18. Horia Dociu
19. Jeff Miracola
20. Jessa Sininger
21. Jessica Ward
22. Josh Cole
23. Joy Ang
24. Katy Hargrove
25. Kekai Kotaki
26. Kristen Perry
27. Lettie Lo
28. Lisa Evans
29. M. C. Matz
30. Martha Chan
31. Michael Corriero
32. Michael Phillippi
33. Patricia Smith
34. Richard Anderson
35. Richard Sardinha
36. Sarah Gonzalez
37. Scott Altmann
38. Sergio Lopez
39. Shyla Ford
40. Simon Christen
41. Simon Otto
42. The Loin
43. Tom Bagshaw
44. Tracy Flynn
45. Victoria Ying
46. Willie Real

I am seriously looking for some extra cash to bid on a few pieces myself, Daren Bader, Eric Braddock, Scott Altman, Mike Corriero..................

Well anyways, a great cause and an honour to participate, stop by look, bid, and tell everyone you know.


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