Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tarzan Yell's

A while back I made a post about Life is a Taboret, and had a movie quote in the post and turned it into a giveaway. Guess the movie the line is from win a drawing, a drawing drawing.
The winner of the drawing was Carlos Pereira Da Silva, and I must appologize to Carlos for the delay in getting to this, but life has a way of doing this, so Carlos I am sorry for not getting the image to you sooner, please forgive me for this.

Part of the life getting in the way is also a scanner that has decided to die on me and leave me without means of getting good digital images of some of my images. So here is a rather bad photo of Carlos' drawing.

With the advent of me being scannerless, I will be posting some drawings and paintings to help offset the expense of getting a new scanner, ( I am looking at a bigger one )or if you would like, I am always open and willing to do a commission of two or three as they come along.

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