Thursday, February 10, 2011

St. Patricks Day

Every year I wait have usually waited until the last minute to do my annual St Patricks image, well this year I got it done early!!! This image is included in the 13th Annual Rushville St. Patricks Day Party raffle. We have done an image for this charity event for I believe every year that we have been here in Rushville ( which I believe is 8 years now).  It is a  privaledge for us to be able to participate in this every year, and something we look forwards to attending and donating too, and an honour to be able to help give back to the community here which we so love.

Many thanks to Dan, Brian, and John for doing this!!

"Dan Shanahan, John McCane, and Brian Sheehan each year put together the best per capita St. Patrick's celebration in the world. Thanks to friends, family, and sponsors each year we are able to raise around $10,000 for local charities. The party is always the Saturday before St. Patrick's Day. Mark your calendar today."
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