Friday, April 08, 2011


As  artists we all have some way of putting our ideas and doodles down, and it is no secret that in  my case I will draw on anything I can get my hands on. Whether it be a napkin, a brown paper bag, a sheet of copy paper..........whatever, but I also keep sketchbooks and primarily use them. It is easier and keeps things all together.

My favourite type of sketchbook is a spiral bound one.

The spiral binding is great since you can fold it back on itself and let it just be the one side of the book, or you can leave it spread open and use both halves of the thing. I sort of do both..............

 Whether I have an "actual" idea that I want to draw out and see, or am just sort of doodling and searching for something, I always start out on the right side of the book. :

Starting here sort of allows me to work the idea and get it down as I see it originally. This also frees up the rest of the space............the left hand side of the book ..... for me to work things out if I don't like it in the sketch.

Here in this one, after getting the initial pose down, I felt it needed some tweaking so I kept playing with him and adjusting an arm or leg, moving them around a bit just to see what I liked better.

In this one I wanted to play mainly with the hand............there is also an alternative composition to the original idea.......which I stuck with, but the hands were the main focus.

Sometimes I just get a theme and sort of go with it and just play and see what happens. Just recently I was on a kick about cavemen and carried the them over a few pages and after sketching a few of them sort of came up with a composition that I like and will continue to flesh out as time permits.

 We all have our own way of doing things and what not, but I just thought I would let ya'll in on the way I work things out thru my sketchbook.  No matter how you do it just keep on doing it. There is no right or wrong way ............. the only way it is wrong is if you don't keep doing it.
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