Wednesday, February 01, 2012


It is well known in my circle of friends and family that I am a sketch-a-holic, and cannot and will not go anywhere without something to draw with or on, and when I don't I will draw on anything I can find when I start  twitching and jonesing for a quick doodle. The other day my wife and I were out and about running errands and taking care of some business things together, and honestly in some cases I would prefer to wait in the hall or waiting areas rather than go in, she would do likewise, so I didn't feel too bad about it.

I have a really cool bag of stuff  that I carry for extended trips and a commando kit for other times, and most  always something or other.

As I stated above...........I come prepared for these moments of solitude and waiting by bringing things with me to occupy my time........I.E. .... a sketchbook, and a few choice tools of the trade.

In the above picture is an HB pencil, a mechanical pencil ( also HB ) an erasure pen thing and on the left is the Mighty Brush pen!!.

This wonderful but awkward looking thing is a brush pen, the bulbous part on the back is a big 'ol reservoir and can hold any liquid you want. I have mine filled with black ink ... although I did water mine down a little so I can have some greys .... and get black if I go over the areas again. The tip is a really cool fiber that retains a sharp tip for fine lines and will spread out just like a brush to get broad strokes as you need.

This little fellow has become a major part of my sketching and doodling arsenal. He is honestly at this point invaluable, for as I sketch out things I will go back and use him to darken and delineate various sketches that might actually develop into something more  as you will see below.

These little guys were done on the outing with my wife while I waited around at one point, and will eventually be an ink drawing that has to come out soon. As you see some have been highlighted with the brush pen, mainly to define the lights and darks. Spotting my blacks this way ultimately helps me to find the form and basic shapes I am looking for. The rest will follow as I refine the image, but doing things in this way will give ;me a very quick idea of where I really want to go.
With my brush pen, I can do it on the go, and not wait until I get back into the studio and get out my ink and brushes, a very handy tool. if you don't have one, I would strongly suggest you look into getting one.

I usually buy mine at CheapJoes.
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