Monday, February 13, 2012

WATERCOLOURS .......part three

In part two I sort of left off at inking in the hair. As I said in that post, I really do not care to use ink straight out of the bottle/well. There are some cases where I do use it, but for the most part I really prefer to water it down, and build my blacks up in layers.

Layering.............. that is THE key to the way I work. Whether it is pencil, ink or paint, layering is the way to go.

In this photo you will see that I have laid down a basic colour for the tree, it is a bit of the yellow ochre and the sienna as well as the umber.....just sort of woody colours. From here I will continue to build up the colours with layers using the same earthy tones, adding some reds or blues to add warmth and depth to the piece as I continue to work and round it off.

I will also start to add in the greens for the mossy areas of the tree. In these areas I will also be starting to layer in the glow from the fire ball thing in her hand to the tree as well as her hair. In this phase of the painting I will tend to jump around from one area to the another,  allowing  some drying time in between layers of paint. I am using a sort of wet on wet thing and letting colours blend as I paint into an area, but also a more dry technique leaving more of a pure colour as well. Still only having a general over all  mid grad tone to the piece, no real lights or darks.

From here on out I pick mix and choose my colours, layering them onto the page until I get to the final image.
Finally on her I added a bit of white acrylics to the fireball thing in her hand to help"brighten" up the area, and a little bit on her waist and shoulder as highlights.

Going back in with the white acrylics, is something that doesn't happen often for me, but actually liked the way the application worked, and will try it again in another piece

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